The Integrated Optical Multimedia Home Network

Optical core network

Homefibre offers a fully integrated system for the installation of a future proof in-house multimedia network.The optical core-network is based on the latest generation of plastic optical fibre cables (POF) with modular distribution and connection components. A perfect tool for digital media networks.

1 infrastructure – 2 functionalities

POF can be easily passed into the existing electrical duct system for main power of your home or small office, no stemming, no drilling. Modular data sockets developed by Homefibre serve as standardised interfaces in your home or small office.

Easy to install

The POF-cable will be passed into the existing electrical duct system. This method promises cost savings, less installation efforts and offers a maximum in security and efficiency. A secure high-speed
data connection can be realised with every network data socket in your home or small office in no time.

The network-infrastructure is a key tool
for the digital future

Personal Computer, laptops, laboratory devices, printer, server,video-recording, music, access-control and many more can be easily, quickly and safely installed via IP-technologies in assistance of the homefibre system. No large-scale and costly cabling work, no extra-installations, the homefibre system can be implemented into existing infrastructure.

Refine your connection

For new buildings and retrofit – reliable – clean – fast

Homefibre enables you to install a reliable and comfortable digital home network by using the existing infrastructure for main power.

One network for everything

The homefibre system is a modular concept. According to your requirements, different devices like TV-sets, PC’s, digital video-recorder, … can be integrated as well as different interface standards (e.g. USB, WLAN, Ethernet, 1394,…). This will offer you always a state of the art network technology.The active modules for different transmission standards can be plugged into the optical wall socket according to your technical requirements. The complete homefibre system enables you to implement wireless modules, Ethernet, 1394 or USB-interfaces simply into your home- or small office network.

The modular homefibre system

Homefibre’s product portfolio represents an integrated system offering users the possibility to connect media devices in a flexible way, just:

Reliable – Fast – Clean - Simple

Homefibre is a developing and marketing company, offering a full product range of intelligent
network components for a digital, optical home or small office network.